Friday, March 11, 2016

Rods and Cones

Today we are going to be talking about Rods and Cones. No, not the ones you use for fishing and traffic detours. We are talking about the photoreceptors in your retina!

Rods are responsible for vision in low light. They are able to track motion and make out shapes, but they do not help with seeing color. There are approximately 120 million rods in the human eye!

The Rods are very sensitive to light, that’s why it is difficult to keep your eyes open when you turn on a light after being in the dark. Think about that next time you’re a room without the lights on!

Cones are responsible for seeing color and perform best in very high light situations.

There are three different types of cones:

  • Short-wavelength sensitive cones

  • Middle-wavelength sensitive cones

  • Long-wavelength sensitive cones

The various types of cones are responsible for seeing different types of colors. The cones are also used to detect detail in objects. Like how the “b” in the previous sentence is just a tad bigger than the rest of the letters on this page!

Now you know, rods and cones aren’t just for fishing and traffic detours!

Eye Rods and Cones

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