Monday, July 28, 2014

Increase comfort with polarized sunglasses

polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglass lenses are created by incorporating a special filter in the lens that blocks horizontally polarized light. The horizontally polarized light is created when light is reflected off of flat surfaces such as water or a flat road. This type of light or glare can be intense and distracting. Polarized sunglasses greatly improve comfort by reducing this type of light and are considered a necessity by those who drive for a living or are outdoor enthusiasts. The ultraviolet protection is not impacted by the polarization process.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rinkov Eyecare Centers now in Worthington!

Dr. Kamer Rinkov Eyecare Centers Worthington

Rinkov Eyecare Centers is now serving patients in Worthington, Ohio, after acquiring Clear Image Eyecare on June 1.

Dr. Donald J. Kamer, optometrist at Clear Image Eyecare, will continue to serve patients at the Worthington office. A 2002 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Optometry, he joins Rinkov Eyecare Centers’ team of seven optometrists and Rinkov Eyecare Centers’ seven locations in Westerville, Dublin, Reynoldsburg, Hilliard, Bexley, Nationwide Plaza and Gay Street in downtown Columbus.

“Dr. Kamer is an award-winning optometrist, and he runs a phenomenal practice,” said Dr. Mark Rinkov, optometrist and CEO of Rinkov Eyecare Centers. “His staff is friendly and courteous, and he has earned a high level of trust and respect with his patients. We are honored to have Dr. Kamer join our team of highly skilled optometrists.”

Rinkov Eyecare Centers will upgrade the new Worthington office with minor renovations, install additional advanced diagnostic equipment, expand its frame lines and provide electronic medical records that are linked to all Rinkov Eyecare Centers offices. Dr. Kamer will also use Rinkov Eyecare Centers’ innovative 20-Point Eye Exam®, which includes many important assessments that most patients haven’t previously received elsewhere, at no extra charge. This comprehensive exam can uncover early signs of health risks as well as eye conditions that need immediate attention.

In addition to the Worthington acquisition, Rinkov Eyecare Centers hired an additional optometrist, Dr. Jordan T. Bierman, for its expanding West Broad Street office. Dr. Bierman graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in 2013 and will be coming to Rinkov Eyecare Centers from his residency at the Huntington VA Medical Center in Huntington, W. Va.

“We are continuing to invest in our support center and focus on new systems as part of our growth strategy. We have grown our staff by 40% since 2011, and we are continuing to pursue other acquisitions,” said Jeff Rinkov, President of Rinkov Eyecare Centers. “We are committed to continued growth, making investments, hiring the right people, adopting innovative technology and ensuring that every patient receives the absolute, best quality eye care.”